The Hot Tub

It was a hot Saturday evening and I was invited by my girlfriend’s sister Anne to her friends for a dip in their hot tub.

My girlfriend was away on a camp and I was staying at her place for a few days.

I went to get ready to go and realised I didnt have any bathers, but since it was so hot i decided my boxer briefs would have to do.

We arrived and Anne ran over to the hot tub and got in with her mates Kara and Angela. I went inside to watch some TV.

I then heard Angela call, “Steve, come join us!”. So i stipped down to my boxer briefs and walked outside.

“Sorry, i forgot my bathers.” i said as i lowered myself in. As soon as my pelvis hit the warm water I needed to pee so i quickly got out and yelled back, “Just going to the loo!”

As i walked back to the tub Kara said in astonishment, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, will you look at that willy!”
My boxer briefs were clinging to my 7 inch softy and making a VERY good outline.
“Well it is kind of cold out here,” I said jokingly.

“Cold!?!” Kara exclaimed. “It could be a thousand degrees and my boyfriends cock wouldn’t be half that size.”
“Looks like my sister was telling the truth about him being hung like a horse.” said Anne, her eyes fixated on my crotch.

As i went to get back in i noticed that non of them were wearing their bikini tops, but their breasts were covered by the bubbly water.

“Not so fast.” Anne said abruptly. “Take off those undies first. You have to go with the dress code”

I peeled my wet boxer briefs off without argument as Anne and Kara both gasped wide-eyed.

“I’ve got to measure that thing.” Anne said as I stepped into the hot tub. She hopped out, and scurried inside, her large breasts bouncing low on her chest with each step.

I was more at easy with my manhood hidden under the bubbles.

“Alright you.” Anne was back, and she was holding a thirty centimetre ruler. “We’re going to get a proper measurement.”

I obliged and let Anne take her measurement. Handling my member far more than was necessary, Anne grasped my cock with one hand and held the ruler to it with the other. Her hands on my cock sent a shudder trough my body.

“Almost eight inches!” She exclaimed. “Soft!” She gave my cock a squeeze to accentuate the point.

I quickly sat back under the bubbles as I knew my cock was getting harder.

“Sarah’s a lucky girl” exclaimed Angela, who thankfully was a lesbian.

My cock was now at full mast and the tip was just out of the water. Hoping no-one saw, I went to sit lower in the water when Kara yelled, “What was that!?”

“I think someone is excited.” giggled Anne “Let’s see”

“Well if you want to see, I’ll have to by fully hard. It would help if I saw Kara’s tits.” I said, even though I knew i was fully hard.

Hearing this, Kara immediately sat up exposing her glorious full tits. This made my cock even harder. I sat up on the edge of the hot tub and grasped the base of my cock to accentuate th thickness. My thumb and middle finger dared not touch.

“Oh my God! That thing is HUGE!” exclaimed Kara. Anne once again grabbed the ruler and measured. “Ten and a half inches…” she said in suprise.

“Oh i cant take it!” said Kara as she came over like a shit and grabbed my cock with both hands and started to pump it. “I ccould fit 3 hands on this thing!” she said in amazement.

Seeing Kara holding my cock, pumping away with her voluptuous breasts bouncing away almost made me come instantly. But I held off.

“Hey leave some for me!” yelled Anne. Se came over and added a third hand and started to suck the head, as that was all she could fit in her mouth. This was unbelievable.
I was getting a blowjob from my girlfriend’s sister and a handjob from her friend. Simultaneously!

They kept pumping and licking, both having a go and then I exploded a fountain of cum onto their tits.

I collapsed, exhausted on the side of the hot tub.

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