The Dare

All I had to do was to not shave my crotch for 6 months and i got $100 from sarah. As simple as that, but it all went wrong. After netball prctice, we went to shower room to shower. After showering, i walked out naked to get in th locker room. One of the girls there shouted:” Valerie got a bush.” I looked down and tried my best to cover my crotch. A group of girls crowded around me. I explained on keeping my crotch so hairy. All of them dared me to run back home naked, or they would tell the entire school about my crotch. I immediately agreed and ran out of the locker room heading home.At that time there was nobody in school, i ran through the corridor out to the front door of the school door. As my house was far away, i cut through parks. Many people were looking at me, with my breasts bouncing around and my hairy crotch feeling the strong breeze. Once i reached my house, i entered by the back door not letting anyone see me. As i entered my room, my sister caught me naked. I explained everything to her. She told me to stop the dare. She helped me wax my crotch and told me to stop accepting dares. From that day onwards i stopped accepting dares.

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