Me and my buddy were at a party sitting at a table and this stranger asked if he could join us, he was a little older than us, but seemed ok other wise, so yeah have a seat. He kept looking at me with a slight grin, I couldn’t place him untill a little while later when my buddy went to get us another drink he said, if you can get rid of your friend for awhile I can show you a good hard time. Then I knew who he was, he was a collage sophmore at the time I was a sophmore in high school. His senior high cousin had been screwing me for awhile, and one night while I was walking home from his house this guy picked me up, drove out into the country and fucked me. I acted like I hated him for doing it, but always wished he’d pick me up again. Before the party was over my friend got sick and asked if I would mind if he left, I was just about to say I’ll go with you when the guy said, if you want to stay I can give you a ride home. My friend asked if that would be ok, and knowing what was going to happen I said yeah, I would kinda like to stay for a while longer, he said see ya tomorrow sometime. I don’t think he was much more than out of the parking lot when me and this guy hit the door. He didn’t live very far from there so we went to his place, the last time he fucked me it was in his car, but this time we had lots more room. After I got him hard he layed on his back and I straddled him facing forward, and I rode him till he said if you don’t want your ass full of cum you better get off that thing. I stopped for a few seconds, the slowly started riding him again, I knew he was getting close, and this time as I started down he drove his cock up to meet me. A few strokes like that later and it was too late to get off, but I wasn’t complaining. About an hour later I was on my back on the kitchen table with my legs up against his chest and his cock was buried nuts deep in my ass. He had his hands on the front of my thighs leaning forward just a little and slamming that rock hard cock into me as hard as he could. I could tell when he shot his load, and when he started to go soft he pulled out, then he said, now ain’t you glad your buddy got sick and left and I was there to give you a ride home. I said yeah I am, but you havn’t taken me home yet, he said well I will, but its still early, so how about one more for the road. So with me on all fours, once more I was feeling his huge hairy nuts on my cheeks as he shoved his hard cock into me. It was after 5:30 am when I walked into my house, the panties I wear were soaked with his cum and I was a little sore, but after a hot shower and a short nap I felt a lot better. About 1:30 my buddy pulled in and the first thing he asked was, did that guy get you home ok, I said yeah he did, and I’m glad that my friend only wanted to go for a drive in the country that afternoon, that was a few months ago and he still has no idea about that night.

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