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My wife and I worked together years ago,and there was a small group of us that got along.  Well the girls in the group got along real good and told each other everything.  One of the girls were in a store where they carry birthday cards for adults.  Such as a naked man with things blocking his private parts.

Well the girls birthday was comming up so me and my wife thought we would have some fun.I got completely nude struck a pose on the floor and covered myself with a sign that said happy birthday.  We used a fun size camera and it doesn’t take big pictures{keep this in mind}  Well after we took that picture I was already nude so the sign got thrown aside,and more private pictures were taken of me.

Well the next day at work we give our friend a birthday card with the picture of me and my birthday suit and the birthday sign.  She turned red but it was all in fun and nothing was exposed and we laughed.  Then I see one of the other girls with small pictures in her hands.  I then realize those are the ones of me completely naked.  My wife thought this was hilarious,and I wasn’t to embarrassed until her friend said “was it cold in the room”.  I felt my dick shrink in my pants.  I tried to tell her that the picture was small.A week later I even brought a bigger picture in, she told me that no matter what I showed her i’d always be the co-worker with the tiny dick.  I was so happy when that place went out of business.  She still brings it up every time we see her.

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