Sixth Grade Boners

Well, when I was in grade six I had already started puberty. And as my machinery was growing, I was too.

So, one day in class, me and the guys were standing in a circle at the back. It was me (Gina), Ara, Edmond, Adrian, Rory, and Pat. So I was kinda being the center of attention. We were talking about a new Xbox game that I had, and I invited everyone over.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere I started to get an erection. Everyone was still looking at my face, but then it turned red. So they all went “What the fuck is his dealio?” And then all of a sudden Ara yelled “GINA HAS AN ERECTION!” And all the guys started laughing. And I was a really kewl popular guy, so I couldnt cry. I just turned around.

So, meanwhile, Edmond and Ara went to the girl I like named Hannah and her best friend Nicole, and said “Gina has an erection right now!” And Edmond grabbed Nicole’s hand and Ara grabbed Hannah’s arm, and they pulled them to me. And my back was facing them, so Ardian and Rory forced me to turn around!

That time I cried. I could not believe that HANNAH had seen my boner!

For the rest of the day Ara and Edmond were going around telling everyone I had an erection earlier!

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