Boyfriend out of town…Dark Alley open minded woman

So I’ve always been very open minded, and when my boyfriend was out of town for a week, I was very lonely and I was kinda of horny…SO i have a co-worker that I knew she was bisexual, and we got along pretty nice.. so I told her I was kinda Horny, she said she was to, so after we got of ( we got off at 9 PM) we went to the alley behind our office building, and we just started making out, one thing let to another and we started doing it in public, we we’re having a good time, we we heard someone making weird noises… like Oohs and yeahs!!! but very low, so we Kept doing it, and then it happen again, it turns out that like 4 of our co-workers we’re smoking pot behind the building at we’re watching the whole thing since the beginning…. so stooped and they offered 400 to Keep going… we immediately told them they we’re sick and Will only Kiss again for 200… The next day I quit my Job… and went to buy me some clothes with the 200 I had earned. And when My boyfriend came home we had a long sexaton…

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Clean house

We decided to put our house up for sale. We called the realtor and setup up a Saturday morning market analysis at 9:30 am. So Gayle and I both knew between our jobs we would have to get the house clean. We both were a little lazy all week getting it done. Gayle kinda waited to do her jobs,and we bickered alittle about who did what.

Saturday morning arrived and Gayle hurried around, doing her jobs,nude under a bathrobe.We were running out of time, before he did the analysis. She is a short women, and told me I needed to clean the cobwebs and dust off the ceiling fan.

I said “he will get over it.” She got alittle upset and said ” Do it yourself if you want it done.” She pretty tick off by now. The realtor arrived, I greeted at the door and from there we walk around the outside of the house. Then we went in.Gayle was on a short step ladder, still in her robe,stretching upwards with her swiffer in one hand, and rotating the blades by hand to clean them.She hadn’t realized that her swaying back and forth, her large boobs had bounced out of her robe. Both of them. We both just watch her for a moment or two. Then I said ” Gayle.” She looked pissed and and stop brushing.She said “what.” I said” I think you should check your robe.” She dropped the brush and covered up.

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Non-stop Jack-hammer Hard-core Gagging

My name is Barry and I have a habit of sucking other guys off. I really love slurping on cocks and recently found myself in an embarrassing situation. I was tonsil-slammed by this guy for like 20 minutes non-stop. I did not even have the time to work him with my lips or tongue, I just took the most severe throat-pounding ever given. I was soooo embarrassed!! I could not believe how deep it was! I could not believe how hard-core it was! I could not believe how long it lasted! But I sure hope that it happens again and again and again…

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