Naughty Pictures

My husband likes to take nude pictures of me. I like it too, I get to buy new clothes, shoes, toys, etc.
I told my GF about our fun and she said he going to show them to his friends. I said no way. Guess what?
Two months ago he admitted that he has been showing me off to his unmarried cousin for years. He told me that cousin lives for my pictures and basically made me feel good about the deal.
I thought about it alot and figured why should the boys have all the fun.
Last month I sugested we all look at them together. After a little wine hubby plugged the camera to the TV and the show began. I was of course embarassed, some poses are very explicit. After only a half hour I dragged hubby upstairs and cousin ran home to do his thing.
I think I enjoyed a little too much. It’s a regular party now. While viewing a particularly open shot,I sugested the boys whip it out for me to enjoy.
Let them be red faced too. Two giggly guys with their things out, quite a sight.
I tell my bestfriend every thing but I’m thinking she’s going to think I went pervert on her.
I even fantasize of some other male friends coming to the party. For now everyone is happy.

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ended up getting it

I’m a 26 year old guy, and yes I like what other guys can do to me. I’m not open about it and very few know about my secret. Today I went to a farm auction that was only about 20 miles from home, knowing that there would be people there that I knew I wore guys jeans, but under them were a faded pair of red bikini panties. I went with my neighbor and his brother. The’re both some what older than me and have no idea what I do. At the sale we split up, they wanted to look at the big equipment, I wanted to check out the stuff on the trailers. While browsing I ran into a guy that I knew and had been with one time, I don’t really like him. But one night about a year ago I let him fuck me at a local tractor pull, he’s older and bigger, well hung, and rough. Today at the sale we walked around togather looking at stuff, and I thought he wasn’t going to mention the night at the pull. But a few minutes later he did, and said that today would be a good time to get togather again. I said no, but at the same time even though I don’t care for him I really wanted to feel him holding me tight from behind, and his throbbing member thrusting into me. He said ahh comeon, the sale won’t start for 30 minutes yet, I said no not today, and trying to put him off said, mabye one day next week I’ll stop by your house. We looked at stuff for a little longer, then he said dammit, I know you want it as bad as you did the last time, I was just about to say no again, when just over the fence, not a 100 feet away a big herford bull mounted and bred a black angus heifer. Well thats all it took and I said ok, lets find a place. We walked around the house, and that put us out of sight of the others and we headed for a stand of trees and brush. I got out of my jeans, but he didn’t wait till I got my panties off, he just pulled them over and fucked me while I was still wearing them. I don’t even know what he used for lubricunt, but it was slick and he had it in up to his nuts before I knew what was going on. He fucked me hard and I liked it, and untill I felt him pump his spunk into me I had forgot that I didn’t like him. As soon as he stopped thrusting I pulled away from him, pulled on my jeans and boots and headed back to the sale. He hung around with me most of the time and made a few comments about what he’d done to me knowing it pissed me off, then after the sale was over and my neighbor was walking up he asked what day next week I was comeing over. I said I’ll have to think about it, wishing I hadn’t told him that in the frist place, but sitting here posting about me and him today has got me wanting to head over there right now.

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Big Boy

It was after volleyball training. Everyone had gone home and i had just finished me shower. I remembered i had forgotten my shoes in the gym, so i thought since there was no one around, i’d just go grab them in my towel. As i came around the corner, i bumped into the girl who i knew had a crush on me. I apologised, and just as i did, my towel fell to the floor leaving me 7 inch flaccid penis in all its glory. As i went to grab my towel, she said “Wait, I’ve never seen a penis that big before…” with a shocked look on her face. When she said that, my member decided to stand to attention. Now i was standing in all my 10 inches of glory. She walked towards me, grabbed my hand and lead me back into the locker room. She sat me down and asked, “Can i touch it?”, but before i could say anything she had placed her small hand on the base, then her second hand on top of it. “I could still fit 3 more of may hands on it” she exclaimed. Just as she said this, 2 more girls came in. I was SO embarrased. They were all amazed and all had a hold and a stroke. My engorged member throbbed with all the attention. They noticed and then each preceded to give me a handjob untill i came. When they were done they left me and my mess and i had to have another shower.

Now i’m known around school as ‘horse man’

Very embarrassing.

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in the shower

I had a few screw buddys during my high school years, but for the most part it was one night stands, and word didn’t get out. I was a loner and stayed away from most of the other kids, and I got razzed a lot because I was small built, and if I wore tighter fitting jeans they showed off my female figure. About a month before graduation senior year a kid transfered from another school, it was said the he had to because he had gotten in some trouble in his other school. He was a senior, bigger than me and some of the others, and he was a bully. I didn’t know where he heard it, but one day he caught me off by myself and told me that he knew I liked to get fucked, and he wanted to. I told him to go to hell and from that day on stayed away from him. But about a week later he jumped me on my way home, pushed me into the old abondoned house on the corner and fucked me. I couldn’t really complain about what he did because I had liked it, only that he did it on his terms, and he did it three more times. The last day of school they got me and some of the other kids to help move and set up a lot of chairs in the gym, it was hot and when we got done I dicided to take a shower, most times I wouldn’t. There were about a dozen of us in there, I heard a few whistles and somebody said, hey we got a girl in here. I was under the shower head and suddenly I was grabbed from behind and I felt something hard ship between my legs. It was the class bully and he was trying to fuck my, I struggled like hell trying to get away but he got me bent over a little and then he penetrated me. I managed to get away from him for a second, but he had it back in me in a flash, all the kids were cheering him on, saying fuck her fuck her. It was unless the struggle so I stopped and just let him screw me and listen to the other kids comments. That was some years ago and I’ve not seen him or most of the other kids since, and I always hoped to hear that he got hit by a train.

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Always shave your beaver….

My friends always asked me to shave my beaver but i dont as i am to lazy. I was in a rush in the morning as i was late for school, i i quickly put on some clothes but without any panties not even a thong. i was wearing a skirt as usual. As i quickly ran into school, i managed to be on time. The first class was gym and we went to the girls room to change. I took out my shorts and started to take off my skirt. At this moment all the girls were looking at me. I look back at the not suspected anything. I heard laughs and giggles. Than , my best friend Nicole and whispered in my ear that everybody was staring my bush. I looked down in horror at my bush. Some of the girl to carried me out of the girls room to the hall. I was left half naked on the floor everyone croweded around me laughing at me. I tried to cover my crotch but it was not helping. I quickly ran back in the girls room put on my clothes and left school with my face red. The next day i shaved my beaver and never had such a hairy crotch again.

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small picture

My wife and I worked together years ago,and there was a small group of us that got along.  Well the girls in the group got along real good and told each other everything.  One of the girls were in a store where they carry birthday cards for adults.  Such as a naked man with things blocking his private parts.

Well the girls birthday was comming up so me and my wife thought we would have some fun.I got completely nude struck a pose on the floor and covered myself with a sign that said happy birthday.  We used a fun size camera and it doesn’t take big pictures{keep this in mind}  Well after we took that picture I was already nude so the sign got thrown aside,and more private pictures were taken of me.

Well the next day at work we give our friend a birthday card with the picture of me and my birthday suit and the birthday sign.  She turned red but it was all in fun and nothing was exposed and we laughed.  Then I see one of the other girls with small pictures in her hands.  I then realize those are the ones of me completely naked.  My wife thought this was hilarious,and I wasn’t to embarrassed until her friend said “was it cold in the room”.  I felt my dick shrink in my pants.  I tried to tell her that the picture was small.A week later I even brought a bigger picture in, she told me that no matter what I showed her i’d always be the co-worker with the tiny dick.  I was so happy when that place went out of business.  She still brings it up every time we see her.

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The Hot Tub

It was a hot Saturday evening and I was invited by my girlfriend’s sister Anne to her friends for a dip in their hot tub.

My girlfriend was away on a camp and I was staying at her place for a few days.

I went to get ready to go and realised I didnt have any bathers, but since it was so hot i decided my boxer briefs would have to do.

We arrived and Anne ran over to the hot tub and got in with her mates Kara and Angela. I went inside to watch some TV.

I then heard Angela call, “Steve, come join us!”. So i stipped down to my boxer briefs and walked outside.

“Sorry, i forgot my bathers.” i said as i lowered myself in. As soon as my pelvis hit the warm water I needed to pee so i quickly got out and yelled back, “Just going to the loo!”

As i walked back to the tub Kara said in astonishment, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, will you look at that willy!”
My boxer briefs were clinging to my 7 inch softy and making a VERY good outline.
“Well it is kind of cold out here,” I said jokingly.

“Cold!?!” Kara exclaimed. “It could be a thousand degrees and my boyfriends cock wouldn’t be half that size.”
“Looks like my sister was telling the truth about him being hung like a horse.” said Anne, her eyes fixated on my crotch.

As i went to get back in i noticed that non of them were wearing their bikini tops, but their breasts were covered by the bubbly water.

“Not so fast.” Anne said abruptly. “Take off those undies first. You have to go with the dress code”

I peeled my wet boxer briefs off without argument as Anne and Kara both gasped wide-eyed.

“I’ve got to measure that thing.” Anne said as I stepped into the hot tub. She hopped out, and scurried inside, her large breasts bouncing low on her chest with each step.

I was more at easy with my manhood hidden under the bubbles.

“Alright you.” Anne was back, and she was holding a thirty centimetre ruler. “We’re going to get a proper measurement.”

I obliged and let Anne take her measurement. Handling my member far more than was necessary, Anne grasped my cock with one hand and held the ruler to it with the other. Her hands on my cock sent a shudder trough my body.

“Almost eight inches!” She exclaimed. “Soft!” She gave my cock a squeeze to accentuate the point.

I quickly sat back under the bubbles as I knew my cock was getting harder.

“Sarah’s a lucky girl” exclaimed Angela, who thankfully was a lesbian.

My cock was now at full mast and the tip was just out of the water. Hoping no-one saw, I went to sit lower in the water when Kara yelled, “What was that!?”

“I think someone is excited.” giggled Anne “Let’s see”

“Well if you want to see, I’ll have to by fully hard. It would help if I saw Kara’s tits.” I said, even though I knew i was fully hard.

Hearing this, Kara immediately sat up exposing her glorious full tits. This made my cock even harder. I sat up on the edge of the hot tub and grasped the base of my cock to accentuate th thickness. My thumb and middle finger dared not touch.

“Oh my God! That thing is HUGE!” exclaimed Kara. Anne once again grabbed the ruler and measured. “Ten and a half inches…” she said in suprise.

“Oh i cant take it!” said Kara as she came over like a shit and grabbed my cock with both hands and started to pump it. “I ccould fit 3 hands on this thing!” she said in amazement.

Seeing Kara holding my cock, pumping away with her voluptuous breasts bouncing away almost made me come instantly. But I held off.

“Hey leave some for me!” yelled Anne. Se came over and added a third hand and started to suck the head, as that was all she could fit in her mouth. This was unbelievable.
I was getting a blowjob from my girlfriend’s sister and a handjob from her friend. Simultaneously!

They kept pumping and licking, both having a go and then I exploded a fountain of cum onto their tits.

I collapsed, exhausted on the side of the hot tub.

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blowjob revenge

After reading someone’s story about vomiting on a guy’s crotch I thought I would write my own blowjob story. I was on a date with this guy and things were getting hot and heavy when he started pushing my head down. I tried to push back against his hand but he was stronger than me. I obviously didn’t want to do it but since he pushed me I got a little annoyed and so, instead of sucking him I bit his penis. It wasn’t enough to really hurt him but it hurt. Power to the women!

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The Dare

All I had to do was to not shave my crotch for 6 months and i got $100 from sarah. As simple as that, but it all went wrong. After netball prctice, we went to shower room to shower. After showering, i walked out naked to get in th locker room. One of the girls there shouted:” Valerie got a bush.” I looked down and tried my best to cover my crotch. A group of girls crowded around me. I explained on keeping my crotch so hairy. All of them dared me to run back home naked, or they would tell the entire school about my crotch. I immediately agreed and ran out of the locker room heading home.At that time there was nobody in school, i ran through the corridor out to the front door of the school door. As my house was far away, i cut through parks. Many people were looking at me, with my breasts bouncing around and my hairy crotch feeling the strong breeze. Once i reached my house, i entered by the back door not letting anyone see me. As i entered my room, my sister caught me naked. I explained everything to her. She told me to stop the dare. She helped me wax my crotch and told me to stop accepting dares. From that day onwards i stopped accepting dares.

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A REAL Boob Story

This story happened many years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. Let’s just say..I have always been on the bustier side. My boobs were a C-cup at that time. So there were rumors in school about my boobs being fake or that I stuffed my bra. There was a really cute guy (we’ll call him Ben here) that my two best friends and I had a crush on. One weekend, he threw a house party and had asked us to go. My friends and I were of course ecstatic. But when we got there, there was no one else there except for a couple of his friends. My friends and I were confused and thought that we had the wrong date. But they said that we had the correct date, and that they just wanted to have the party with just the six of us. So we chatted, ate, and danced. Afterwards, we all went upstairs to his room to hang out. After a while, Ben’s 2 friends had asked my 2 friends to go downstairs with them to grab us all some drinks. I was going to go down with them as well, but Ben asked me to stay with him to keep him company. When they all left, I noticed that he started staring at my boobs. I started to feel uncomfortable and pretend to use my arms to distract them a bit. He then all of a sudden asked me if my boobs are real. I was stunned by the question but answered him ‘yes’. He said that his friends believed in all those rumors about my boobs, so he has a bet with them to prove them wrong. But in order to do that, he wants to know if I can show him my boobs. I was so shocked by that request that I did not know how to respond. He pleaded and being me, having such a huge crush on him, I agreed to do it. I got really nervous, but I let him strip me down, and soon, I was topless in front of him. By now I was already shaking, but I can see that he was definitely enjoying it. I asked if I can put my clothes back on and he said he has to do one more test. Then he took his hands and started squeezing my breasts and playing with my nipples. I started to feel tingly and wet below and let out a loud moan. Before I could do anything he suddenly pressed his mouth to one of my breasts and started to suck on it. And then we just ended up making out. All of a sudden, his friends popped in and shouted “SO THEY ARE REAL TITS.” They were watching the whole thing all along through the slit of the door. I was so embarrassed. Not only did they see me all naked, but they saw us making out.

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