Naughty Pictures

My husband likes to take nude pictures of me. I like it too, I get to buy new clothes, shoes, toys, etc.
I told my GF about our fun and she said he going to show them to his friends. I said no way. Guess what?
Two months ago he admitted that he has been showing me off to his unmarried cousin for years. He told me that cousin lives for my pictures and basically made me feel good about the deal.
I thought about it alot and figured why should the boys have all the fun.
Last month I sugested we all look at them together. After a little wine hubby plugged the camera to the TV and the show began. I was of course embarassed, some poses are very explicit. After only a half hour I dragged hubby upstairs and cousin ran home to do his thing.
I think I enjoyed a little too much. It’s a regular party now. While viewing a particularly open shot,I sugested the boys whip it out for me to enjoy.
Let them be red faced too. Two giggly guys with their things out, quite a sight.
I tell my bestfriend every thing but I’m thinking she’s going to think I went pervert on her.
I even fantasize of some other male friends coming to the party. For now everyone is happy.

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