in the shower

I had a few screw buddys during my high school years, but for the most part it was one night stands, and word didn’t get out. I was a loner and stayed away from most of the other kids, and I got razzed a lot because I was small built, and if I wore tighter fitting jeans they showed off my female figure. About a month before graduation senior year a kid transfered from another school, it was said the he had to because he had gotten in some trouble in his other school. He was a senior, bigger than me and some of the others, and he was a bully. I didn’t know where he heard it, but one day he caught me off by myself and told me that he knew I liked to get fucked, and he wanted to. I told him to go to hell and from that day on stayed away from him. But about a week later he jumped me on my way home, pushed me into the old abondoned house on the corner and fucked me. I couldn’t really complain about what he did because I had liked it, only that he did it on his terms, and he did it three more times. The last day of school they got me and some of the other kids to help move and set up a lot of chairs in the gym, it was hot and when we got done I dicided to take a shower, most times I wouldn’t. There were about a dozen of us in there, I heard a few whistles and somebody said, hey we got a girl in here. I was under the shower head and suddenly I was grabbed from behind and I felt something hard ship between my legs. It was the class bully and he was trying to fuck my, I struggled like hell trying to get away but he got me bent over a little and then he penetrated me. I managed to get away from him for a second, but he had it back in me in a flash, all the kids were cheering him on, saying fuck her fuck her. It was unless the struggle so I stopped and just let him screw me and listen to the other kids comments. That was some years ago and I’ve not seen him or most of the other kids since, and I always hoped to hear that he got hit by a train.

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