ended up getting it

I’m a 26 year old guy, and yes I like what other guys can do to me. I’m not open about it and very few know about my secret. Today I went to a farm auction that was only about 20 miles from home, knowing that there would be people there that I knew I wore guys jeans, but under them were a faded pair of red bikini panties. I went with my neighbor and his brother. The’re both some what older than me and have no idea what I do. At the sale we split up, they wanted to look at the big equipment, I wanted to check out the stuff on the trailers. While browsing I ran into a guy that I knew and had been with one time, I don’t really like him. But one night about a year ago I let him fuck me at a local tractor pull, he’s older and bigger, well hung, and rough. Today at the sale we walked around togather looking at stuff, and I thought he wasn’t going to mention the night at the pull. But a few minutes later he did, and said that today would be a good time to get togather again. I said no, but at the same time even though I don’t care for him I really wanted to feel him holding me tight from behind, and his throbbing member thrusting into me. He said ahh comeon, the sale won’t start for 30 minutes yet, I said no not today, and trying to put him off said, mabye one day next week I’ll stop by your house. We looked at stuff for a little longer, then he said dammit, I know you want it as bad as you did the last time, I was just about to say no again, when just over the fence, not a 100 feet away a big herford bull mounted and bred a black angus heifer. Well thats all it took and I said ok, lets find a place. We walked around the house, and that put us out of sight of the others and we headed for a stand of trees and brush. I got out of my jeans, but he didn’t wait till I got my panties off, he just pulled them over and fucked me while I was still wearing them. I don’t even know what he used for lubricunt, but it was slick and he had it in up to his nuts before I knew what was going on. He fucked me hard and I liked it, and untill I felt him pump his spunk into me I had forgot that I didn’t like him. As soon as he stopped thrusting I pulled away from him, pulled on my jeans and boots and headed back to the sale. He hung around with me most of the time and made a few comments about what he’d done to me knowing it pissed me off, then after the sale was over and my neighbor was walking up he asked what day next week I was comeing over. I said I’ll have to think about it, wishing I hadn’t told him that in the frist place, but sitting here posting about me and him today has got me wanting to head over there right now.

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