My son was caught wanking by my mother.

Hi, I live in France but originally from Spain. I hope to write correctly in English.
We went to my parents home on the last Christmas. Since my brother came too so that we could have a nice time with all the family together there weren’t much rooms to share so my son, who is 13, and me had to share bed in one room.
One morning, my son woke up with a hard on, I could notice it but didn’t said anything at all since its something embarrassing. My son run to the tiny bathroom (we have 2 bathrooms at my parents house, one huge with tube and another one tiny) trying to hide from me the obvious.
Then, my mom needed to pee and the huge bathroom was full with people so she decided to use the tiny one with the surprise on opening the door of finding my son standing up naked with his underpants at his ankles and masturbating. He didn’t noticed at all the door opening since there was lot of noise at that moment of the morning with everybody waking up and the bathroom next door with lot of people.
I am very open minded so I don’t care if my son does masturbates and also is my mother, but despite she is modern it was a shock for her to found her grandson masturbating so she got shocked and had no reaction for 2-3 seconds and then she shout “OOOOhhhhhhh!”. My brother, who was at the other bath entrance stepped next to the tiny bathroom and realized what just happened, he was the one who explained me later.
My son did realized he was being watched when my mother shouted so he tried to hide his guilty without succeeding very well and then my mother looked away and walked to the dinner room while my brother looked at my son smiling and my son closed the door.
It took a long time for him to go out of the bath, for nearly 30 minutes, I think because he was too ashamed, I tried to talk with him later but I think this only made it worst and also there were some jokes around all of it made to my mother and him during all the Christmas. He finally laughed at it with all so I think he has not got a trauma and the jokes worked fine.
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Sixth Grade Boners

Well, when I was in grade six I had already started puberty. And as my machinery was growing, I was too.

So, one day in class, me and the guys were standing in a circle at the back. It was me (Gina), Ara, Edmond, Adrian, Rory, and Pat. So I was kinda being the center of attention. We were talking about a new Xbox game that I had, and I invited everyone over.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere I started to get an erection. Everyone was still looking at my face, but then it turned red. So they all went “What the fuck is his dealio?” And then all of a sudden Ara yelled “GINA HAS AN ERECTION!” And all the guys started laughing. And I was a really kewl popular guy, so I couldnt cry. I just turned around.

So, meanwhile, Edmond and Ara went to the girl I like named Hannah and her best friend Nicole, and said “Gina has an erection right now!” And Edmond grabbed Nicole’s hand and Ara grabbed Hannah’s arm, and they pulled them to me. And my back was facing them, so Ardian and Rory forced me to turn around!

That time I cried. I could not believe that HANNAH had seen my boner!

For the rest of the day Ara and Edmond were going around telling everyone I had an erection earlier!

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Party Fun

Last week, I went to a friends party. My friends and I were browsing through the host’s PC and there were a picture of a very hot girl. We were a bit drunk and we began to talk about calling the girl and paying her for sex. There was a boy near us and we told him to “come and see the girl! Isn’t she hot! Let’s gather money to pay and have sex with her. Join us!”. He smiled and continued listening to us. After a few minutes the sister of that boy came in and when she saw us, she told us “OO, do you like my pictures?”. Her brother was grinning and then asked us “So, what did you want to do?”


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2 Light Bulbs

One afternoon when I was home my neighbor came and ask me if I could help her change the light bulb in her kitchen. Casing for the light was kinda big and out of 3 screws one of the screws were stuck. Since we couldnt let go of the casing hanging for just one screw I climbed on the ladder to hold it until she went to get something to remove the screw. I was wearing a loose short that day and being at home, wearing nothing underneath. I was on the ladder with one leg much higher than the other b/c it was easier to hold. She came back with a screw and with a smile on the face while looking toward my crotch said “oh oh.. I see 2 light bulbs..”. I knew exactly what she meant and instantly put my leg down to a lower level and tucked my package back into it’s place while still holding the casing with one hand. But my embarrassment wasnt over as I felt starting an erection. By the time I took off the screw I had a tent. She probably felt embarrassed too b/c of this and said it’s ok and it’s normal and she’ll forget that anything ever happened..

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Always shave your beaver….

My friends always asked me to shave my beaver but i dont as i am to lazy. I was in a rush in the morning as i was late for school, i i quickly put on some clothes but without any panties not even a thong. i was wearing a skirt as usual. As i quickly ran into school, i managed to be on time. The first class was gym and we went to the girls room to change. I took out my shorts and started to take off my skirt. At this moment all the girls were looking at me. I look back at the not suspected anything. I heard laughs and giggles. Than , my best friend Nicole and whispered in my ear that everybody was staring my bush. I looked down in horror at my bush. Some of the girl to carried me out of the girls room to the hall. I was left half naked on the floor everyone croweded around me laughing at me. I tried to cover my crotch but it was not helping. I quickly ran back in the girls room put on my clothes and left school with my face red. The next day i shaved my beaver and never had such a hairy crotch again.

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The Dare

All I had to do was to not shave my crotch for 6 months and i got $100 from sarah. As simple as that, but it all went wrong. After netball prctice, we went to shower room to shower. After showering, i walked out naked to get in th locker room. One of the girls there shouted:” Valerie got a bush.” I looked down and tried my best to cover my crotch. A group of girls crowded around me. I explained on keeping my crotch so hairy. All of them dared me to run back home naked, or they would tell the entire school about my crotch. I immediately agreed and ran out of the locker room heading home.At that time there was nobody in school, i ran through the corridor out to the front door of the school door. As my house was far away, i cut through parks. Many people were looking at me, with my breasts bouncing around and my hairy crotch feeling the strong breeze. Once i reached my house, i entered by the back door not letting anyone see me. As i entered my room, my sister caught me naked. I explained everything to her. She told me to stop the dare. She helped me wax my crotch and told me to stop accepting dares. From that day onwards i stopped accepting dares.

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