Big Boy

It was after volleyball training. Everyone had gone home and i had just finished me shower. I remembered i had forgotten my shoes in the gym, so i thought since there was no one around, i’d just go grab them in my towel. As i came around the corner, i bumped into the girl who i knew had a crush on me. I apologised, and just as i did, my towel fell to the floor leaving me 7 inch flaccid penis in all its glory. As i went to grab my towel, she said “Wait, I’ve never seen a penis that big before…” with a shocked look on her face. When she said that, my member decided to stand to attention. Now i was standing in all my 10 inches of glory. She walked towards me, grabbed my hand and lead me back into the locker room. She sat me down and asked, “Can i touch it?”, but before i could say anything she had placed her small hand on the base, then her second hand on top of it. “I could still fit 3 more of may hands on it” she exclaimed. Just as she said this, 2 more girls came in. I was SO embarrased. They were all amazed and all had a hold and a stroke. My engorged member throbbed with all the attention. They noticed and then each preceded to give me a handjob untill i came. When they were done they left me and my mess and i had to have another shower.

Now i’m known around school as ‘horse man’

Very embarrassing.

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