Always shave your beaver….

My friends always asked me to shave my beaver but i dont as i am to lazy. I was in a rush in the morning as i was late for school, i i quickly put on some clothes but without any panties not even a thong. i was wearing a skirt as usual. As i quickly ran into school, i managed to be on time. The first class was gym and we went to the girls room to change. I took out my shorts and started to take off my skirt. At this moment all the girls were looking at me. I look back at the not suspected anything. I heard laughs and giggles. Than , my best friend Nicole and whispered in my ear that everybody was staring my bush. I looked down in horror at my bush. Some of the girl to carried me out of the girls room to the hall. I was left half naked on the floor everyone croweded around me laughing at me. I tried to cover my crotch but it was not helping. I quickly ran back in the girls room put on my clothes and left school with my face red. The next day i shaved my beaver and never had such a hairy crotch again.

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