A REAL Boob Story

This story happened many years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. Let’s just say..I have always been on the bustier side. My boobs were a C-cup at that time. So there were rumors in school about my boobs being fake or that I stuffed my bra. There was a really cute guy (we’ll call him Ben here) that my two best friends and I had a crush on. One weekend, he threw a house party and had asked us to go. My friends and I were of course ecstatic. But when we got there, there was no one else there except for a couple of his friends. My friends and I were confused and thought that we had the wrong date. But they said that we had the correct date, and that they just wanted to have the party with just the six of us. So we chatted, ate, and danced. Afterwards, we all went upstairs to his room to hang out. After a while, Ben’s 2 friends had asked my 2 friends to go downstairs with them to grab us all some drinks. I was going to go down with them as well, but Ben asked me to stay with him to keep him company. When they all left, I noticed that he started staring at my boobs. I started to feel uncomfortable and pretend to use my arms to distract them a bit. He then all of a sudden asked me if my boobs are real. I was stunned by the question but answered him ‘yes’. He said that his friends believed in all those rumors about my boobs, so he has a bet with them to prove them wrong. But in order to do that, he wants to know if I can show him my boobs. I was so shocked by that request that I did not know how to respond. He pleaded and being me, having such a huge crush on him, I agreed to do it. I got really nervous, but I let him strip me down, and soon, I was topless in front of him. By now I was already shaking, but I can see that he was definitely enjoying it. I asked if I can put my clothes back on and he said he has to do one more test. Then he took his hands and started squeezing my breasts and playing with my nipples. I started to feel tingly and wet below and let out a loud moan. Before I could do anything he suddenly pressed his mouth to one of my breasts and started to suck on it. And then we just ended up making out. All of a sudden, his friends popped in and shouted “SO THEY ARE REAL TITS.” They were watching the whole thing all along through the slit of the door. I was so embarrassed. Not only did they see me all naked, but they saw us making out.

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