2 Light Bulbs

One afternoon when I was home my neighbor came and ask me if I could help her change the light bulb in her kitchen. Casing for the light was kinda big and out of 3 screws one of the screws were stuck. Since we couldnt let go of the casing hanging for just one screw I climbed on the ladder to hold it until she went to get something to remove the screw. I was wearing a loose short that day and being at home, wearing nothing underneath. I was on the ladder with one leg much higher than the other b/c it was easier to hold. She came back with a screw and with a smile on the face while looking toward my crotch said “oh oh.. I see 2 light bulbs..”. I knew exactly what she meant and instantly put my leg down to a lower level and tucked my package back into it’s place while still holding the casing with one hand. But my embarrassment wasnt over as I felt starting an erection. By the time I took off the screw I had a tent. She probably felt embarrassed too b/c of this and said it’s ok and it’s normal and she’ll forget that anything ever happened..

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